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    Greetings Renato,

    Quick question about fingerings. I am now realizing that there are a number of chords that you finger differently from the way I first learned them. To explain this simply, there are many chords that you finger with your individual fingers that I have finger with a small bar across the strings. For example, in the piece Insensatez the Am6 that appears in bar 5 and the C# half diminished in bar 13 you play these using all of the fingers on your left hand while I use a bar instead to make the same chords. Is it necessary that I change my fingerings to match yours? It’s not easy but I will if it will be important as I continue to learn. Thank you!

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    Hi Kevin,
    I would say this is not a problem if you are playing accompaniment guitar. But it may be a problem when playing solo arrangements. However, each situation should be analyzed separately. I don’t remember now a solo arragement where this would be a problem, but I’ll take a look at some arrangements to see if I can find some example for you. I’ve seem many guitar players who play steel string guitar doing as you do. On the other hand this is not common in classical guitar technique, which is very similar to the Brazilian guitar style technique.


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    Thank you so much for your response. Because I started my studies playing steel string acoustic and then electric guitar I guess this makes sense. This is my real effort in playing Brazilian guitar style. It is the most enjoyable time I’ve ever had playing. I’m learning so much. I really love this music. Obrigado 🙏🏾

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