– An e-book about Brazilian Rhythms with embedded audio? Oh, yes!

This book gets straight to the point. It is designed to teach you how to play the rhythms that have been indispensable for the development of popular Brazilian music.

Learn how to play the rhythms of Choro, Marchinha, Frevo, Samba, Xote, Baião, Xaxado, and Bossa Nova!

At the beginning of each chapter, you have some basic information about each rhythm and style of Brazilian music so you have a general idea about their origins and peculiarities.


The rhythms are written in standard notation, with guitar tabs, and chord charts.

With embedded audio, all you have to do is click on the play buttons below the examples to hear the rhythms played at two different tempos.

Besides that, you have examples with one chord per measure and two chords per measure, which are the most common situations you will see when playing Brazilian music.

The book is designed for use on computers and it works with any PDF reader that supports multimedia such as Adobe Reader or FoxIt Reader. The playback function works best on tablets and phones if you use FoxIt PDF Reader, but it is not guaranteed.

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