Here you will find all Brazilian guitar lessons organized in a progressive way. There are Bossa Nova guitar songs arranged for beginner, intermediate and advanced players, studies on guitar technique to improve your guitar skills, and a series of progressive studies that I have written to help you get to the next level.

Read this, please.

The most frequently asked question by new members is how to know what lesson they should start from. This is an inherent question in all websites that are designed to teach a practical skill. It is important to say that the lessons here are not meant to teach guitar from scratch. If this is your case, I recommend you to get private lessons with a good teacher to start your studies.

As you may know, even in private guitar lessons, each new step in the learning process is decided by taking into account the progress the student has made over time. When you sign up for any website like this one, you have to be aware that you will be the student, and, at the same time, your own teacher. In other words, it is up to you to decide if you are ready to move to a more advanced level or not.

It is hard to put into words when you are ready to move forward, but I think the following pieces of advice may help you:

– the rhythm should be steady;

– the chords should sound clear, without muffled notes;

– the chord changes should be precise;

– you should feel reasonably comfortable when playing the song;

– you should not feel pain in any part of your body, i.e., arms, wrists, fingers, back, neck, and etc. Pain is usually an indication of muscular tension that appears when you are making an effort beyond what your muscles allow, or you are using a bad body posture. Fix the posture by sitting straight at the front edge of the chair, without resting your back on the backrest. Use a footrest or a guitar rest and keep your shoulders, arms, and wrists relaxed. Play the song/ study slower. The height of the seat is very important too. The taller you are the higher the seat should be, and vice versa.

If possible, I recommend that you book a private lesson video conference, from time to time, so that I can help you to get the best result from your study. Take a look at prices and packages by clicking here.

I have organized the lessons into four levels: Foundational, Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. On the homepage you find the prerequisites for each of these levels. The foundational level, in turn, is divided into three topics: Rhythms, Studies, and Theory.

I have not put the theory lessons on the map because not every one wants to learn theory. Needless to say that I strongly recommend that you study, at least, the first five lessons. They deal with basic concepts that can be applied quickly, and I am sure they will help you a lot in your journey.

This “Learning Map” was made to help you find your starting point.