General Website Features

Here you have some general information about the features available on the site in order to make it easier to use.

The plus sign, at the top right corner, opens a side bar where you have some items like Log In and Log Out, Recent lessons, Categories selector, Search field, and a Menu for the main pages.

To close the bar just click the minus sign.

This feature is particularly useful if you want to leave the lesson page and go to another page. The lessons pages were built in a way that only the elements that are important for the lesson show up on the screen. There are no logo, widgets, menu, or other elements that might cause distraction. Also, you do not need to scroll the page up or down for any reason. See below a lesson page (click to enlarge):

On the lessons pages you have the following elements:

Tabs – Click on the tabs to choose the part of the lesson you want to watch.

Buttons – Each lesson may have different buttons. There is always a button named PDF LESSON to download it. Buttons named WATCH or LISTEN TO take you to YouTube where you can watch or listen to the recording I used as base to write the lesson. Sometimes I use this kind of button to show you some other recording that I think is worth knowing. TRANSLATION buttons take you to other sites where I have found English translations for songs that do not have English versions.

Pictures of composers – Click on the pictures to read the biography of the composers.

All sheets of music have a clickable link at the bottom of the page that takes you directly to the lesson it belongs to (click to enlarge).

Take a look at the video player features!