How the Lessons Work

I record a section of a video for each part of the song where I explain and show you, measure by measure, how to play each chord, rhythm, and phrase of the melody in detail.

To go along with my explanations in the videos, you have the sheet music with standard notation, guitar tabs, and chord charts grouped according to the type of the lesson. Also, there are links to each composer’s biography, and links to YouTube so you can listen to the original recordings.

In addition to all of this, you have audio guides to help you with Portuguese pronunciation when the lesson is about how to play and sing the song, and you can easily set loop points on the video player to repeat a certain part of the video so you can play along.

Finally, you can book private lessons through Skype whenever you think you need help in your learning process. Our forum is also a friendly space that you can use to discuss the lessons and ask questions about any subject related to Brazilian music.

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There are more than 100 lessons waiting for you. Pick up your guitar, choose a lesson, and start learning now!

Levels and Pre-requisites

bossa nova beginner


These lessons deal mainly with rhythms and chord progressions. You will learn how to play and sing the songs, and you will also learn how to play the melody of some songs. The lessons are written in standard notation and come with guitar tabs and chord diagrams when needed.

To get started in this level, you should have some practice on dissonant chords, bar chords, chord changes, and basic fingerstyle technique. Ability to read basic rhythms is desirable. Experience equivalente to 1 to 2 years of guitar study.

bossa nova intermediate


In addition to all things taught at the Basic level, you will learn how to play small solo parts like introductions and interludes. Most of the time these small solos are real parts of the song written for solo guitar, other times I have created small introductions to fill the arrangement.

To start in this level, you should have some practice in solo guitar arrangements, about 2 to 3 years of practice in classical guitar or finger style. The lessons are written in standard notation with guitar tabs and chord diagrams.

bossa nova advanced


Through these lessons you will learn how to play solo guitar arrangements written according to the most traditional Brazilian guitar style. This way of playing has been responsible for making the Brazilian guitar style well known and much appreciated around the world and is considered one of the finest expressions of Brazilian guitar.

To start in this level, you should have a good practice in solo guitar arrangements, over 3 years of practice in classical guitar or fingerstyle. The lessons are written in standard notation with guitar tabs.

There are also specific lessons about Brazilian rhythms, guitar technique and music theory. Browse the library to see all the lessons.

Recent Lessons

These are the last lessons sorted by chronological order. You can find all the lessons by selecting them by category at the bottom of the page or click here to go to the library.

Renato Candro

Last lessons

My Students Are Saying…

“I had been studying guitar for 15+ years, both playing and recording professionally. While searching to add a little bit of Brazilian technique to my repertoire I found Renato Candro. His methods and lessons were wonderfully paced and efficient in their teachings. Within a handful of weeks I was able to learn some basic fingerings and beautiful songs, both of which have enriched my own natural style of playing in ways that I’m excited to keep exploring. The beautiful sounds and tones of Brazilian music that I’ve always admired no longer feel so mysterious.”

Matias B.

“In just 6 months of private lessons with Renato, I’ve greatly improved my technique, understanding of Brazilian music, and musicality. He is an extremely knowledgable, thoughtful and patient teacher and has crafted specific study pieces to incrementally help me grow as a guitarist. All of this is supplemented by his vast library of online videos and materials, which means that I can constantly be learning, to become a master of the Brazilian guitar.”

Kevin Q.

“I am a guitar player from Australia and I love Bossa Nova! Unfortunately there are not a lot of Bossa Nova guitar teachers where I live so I had to find a new way to learn. Renato’s online lessons offered the perfect solution by allowing me to learn from a true Brazilian Bossa Nova player in the comfort of my own home. Lessons are well structured and attention is paid to improving aspects of your playing where necessary so that progress can be achieved lesson by lesson. Online lessons have now become my preferred method of tuition and I would recommend Renato’s lessons to anyone looking to learn more about or improve the playing of Bossa Nova guitar.”

Michael C.

Brazilian Rhythms for Guitar

This is an Ebook I wrote about the most traditional Brazilian rhythms and their variations. The rhythms are written in standard notation with guitar tabs and they were recorded in slow and normal tempo. With embedded audio, you just need to click the play buttons to hear the rhythms. Click the button below to get your book.

Brazilian rhythms for guitar
Download the E-Book

Brazilian Music History

On this page, I have gathered lots of information about the main styles and their composers as well as historical aspects that will help you to understand more about the origins and development of Brazilian music over time. There are also some very interesting documentaries in English for you to watch. Click the button below and start reading now.

Brazilian music history
Brazilian Music History