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Brazilian Guitar
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You have just found one of the best places to learn to play Bossa nova guitar.

I have been teaching Bossa Nova, Samba, Choro, and traditional Brazilian music in Brazil since 1991, and I am sure I can help you learn to play Brazilian music on the guitar in an easy and organized way.

You will learn how to play Brazilian rhythms, complete songs, solo arrangements, how to build chords on guitar, and how to sing the songs with our Portuguese audio guide. All this with Brazilian guitar tabs, chord charts, and a forum for members.

    There are more than 100 lessons waiting for you. Pick up your guitar, choose a lesson, and start learning now!

    How the lessons work

    bossa nova guitarI record a section of a video for each part of the song where I explain and show you, measure by measure, how to play each chord, rhythm, chord progression, and each phrase of the melody in detail. Next, I show you how to play a few measures of the song at a slow tempo, then another few, until finally you have learned the entire section.

    To go along with my video explanations, you also have the sheet music with standard notation, guitar tabs, and chord charts grouped according to the skill level of the lesson. Also, there are links to each composer’s biography, and links to YouTube so you can listen to the songs. Whenever possible, I put links to English translations of the lyrics in case you want to know what the original lyrics are about.

    In addition to all this, you have an audio guide to help you with Portuguese pronunciation when the lesson is about how to play and sing the song, and you can easily set loop points on the video player to repeat a certain part of the video so you can play along.

    Finally, you have a forum for members where you can ask question and discuss the lessons and other topics.

    How the lessons are organized by level

    Beginner Level
    Beginner level
    Intermediate level
    Intermediate level
    Advaned level
    Advanced level

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    Private lessons through Skype

    Sometimes even experienced guitarists may need a closer look at their progress when they are learning to play a new musical style. In addition to all the features on the website, you can book a private lesson whenever you feel you need help with any subject related to Brazilian guitar style. Click here to see prices and more information.