Solo arrangements for Bossa Nova songs. In order to feel comfortable with these arrangements you should have a good experience on solo guitar pieces (about 4 years of practice in classical guitar) and be fully capable of understand and read sheet music.

Maninha | Lesson #116 | Solo Guitar

In addition to bossa nova, the waltz has been a musical style much appreciated by Brazilian composers like Tom Jobim, Edu Lobo and Chico Buarque, mainly to talk about love. In the early twentieth century, unlike samba and choro, European waltz was well accepted by society and was part of a common piano repertoire taught to young girls, daughters of wealthy landowners, businessmen and traders. On the other hand, these waltzes were gradually transformed by chorões into a more Brazilian waltz, which would have a closer relationship with choro through the use of similar harmonic progressions and melodic lines. This style was called waltz-choro. This […]…

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