As I showed in the previous post about Bossa nova, the stress point is one of most important things to keep in mind relative to the rhythms. The Choro, for example, when is played incorrectly (putting accent on the beat) may sounds like European march. You can realize this in “Mozart’s Turkish March” (K331).

The Choro emerged on the middle of 19th Century. At first, it was more a way to play European music than an authentic Brazilian music style.

See the rhythm notation in the following example:


Note that there are two types of accent marks. The first indicates that we have to play a little strong, while the second indicates that we have to play short and a little strong.

Listen to the examples below:

      1 - Wrong way:

      2 - Right way:

As you could hear, in this case there is a remarkable difference between them. The first recording sounds like a European march. The second sounds like it should be.

See you.