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Bossa nova is probably the most well-known genre of Brazilian music in the world. Sometimes used as elevator music, sometimes regarded as one of the finest styles of music, Bossa Nova has influenced artists from Jazz to Pop music over time. In Brazil, Bossa Nova played a key role in the development of all music composed after the 1960s by changing the concept of how Brazilian music was and how it could be.

Also, Bossa Nova is an endless source of inspiration for guitar players. Just look at the number of books, videos, and articles on the subject to see that there are many people interested in learning to play Bossa Nova guitar.

I made this mini-course available for free so you can learn a few things about Bossa Nova and take a look at the way I teach. If at the end of the course you feel you want to learn more and that my teaching method is good for you, sign up for one of our membership plans and have access to the full content on the site.

In this mini-course you will learn how to get the most out of your study, how to read common rhythms, how to play the basic bossa nova rhythm step by step, how to play some rhythmic variations for bossa nova, how to play the bossa nova rhythm as a we do in Brazil, and how to play and sing the song Meditação by Tom Jobim and Newton Mendonça.

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Guidelines for practicing

lesson 1

Tips on how to read rhythms

lesson 2

Bossa nova rhythm – step by step

lesson 3

Bossa nova – Rhythmic variations

lesson 4

Final details for Bossa nova rhythm

lesson 5

Meditação – Play and Sing

lesson 6