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    • Westside RyanWestside Ryan
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      I am looking to add more solo Brazilian guitar CD’s to my collection. I already have some albums from Baden Powell and Luiz Bonfa’s “Solo in Rio” which I enjoy, but was hoping that I could get some suggestions on some other CD’s. I should also say that I am aware of Yamandú Costa and I dig some of his stuff but do not currently own any of his music.



    • RenatoRenato
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      Hello Ryan,
      there are many good CDs that I would recommend:

      Samambaia – Cesar Camargo Mariano and Hélio Delmiro

      Luz das cordas – Marco Pereira & Hamilton de Holanda

      Lira Brasileira – Paulo Bellinati

      Garoto – Paulo Bellinati

      Toquinho & Paulinho Nogueira

      Todos os tons – Raphael Rabello

      Dois amigos – Paulo Moura & Raphael Rabello

      There you have a list with the most important Brazilian guitar players. Just search for them on YouTube and you will find a lot of stuff to listen to.

      João Pernambuco (1883 – 1947)
      Amérido Jacomino (1889 – 1928)
      Armando Neves (1902 – 1974)
      Aníbal Augusto Sardinha (1915 – 1955)
      Dilermando Reis (1916 – 1977)
      Laurindo de Almeida (1917 – 1995)
      Dino 7 Cordas (1918 – 2006)
      Luiz Bonfá (1922 – 2001)
      Canhoto da Paraíba (1926 – 2008)
      Paulinho Nogueira (1929 – 2003)
      Baden Powell (1937 – 2000)
      Sebastião Tapajós (1944)
      Guinga (1950)
      Paulo Bellinati (1950)
      Marco Pereira (1950)
      Nonato Luiz (1952)
      Ulisses Rocha (1959)
      Raphael Rabello (1962 – 1995)
      Zé Paulo Becker (1968)
      Alessandro Penezzi (1974)
      Marcus Tardelli (1977)
      Yamandú Costa (1980)

      All the best.

    • Westside RyanWestside Ryan
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      Thanks! This is great!

    • AvatarKevinLatham
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      I don’t think it qualifies as a solo guitar record, but I absolutely love Gilberto Gil’s recording Gilbertos Samba. Especially his rendition of O Pato. I love his rhythmic take on it. Renato, Im not ready for it, but I would love to learn Gilbertos version of O Pato with your help one day. :)

    • RenatoRenato
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      Hi Kevin, sorry for the late reply. I was sick.

      Yes, Gilberto Gil’s version of O pato is amazing. I also wouldn’t rate his version as a solo arrangement, but as an exquisite way of playing the accompaniment. There are others Brazilian singers, like João Bosco and Lenine, who usually play the rhythm guitar in a way that is impossible to write using only chord charts. You have to write it on the staff.
      I will teach this song, Getz/Gilberto version, in the next lesson. But it would be a pleasure to teach you Gil’s version. Just let me know in advance so I can write the sheet music.

      Some examples of exquisite guitar accompaniments:

    • AvatarKevinLatham
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      I’m glad you’re feeling better. Thank you for sending those track links. They are all amazing. I’m not a good sight reader but I will at least study the rhythms from lesson one. I’m sure you can help me get through it. I will schedule it with you one day next week. Thank you so much for your hard work. I’m loving the site. Practicing hard and learning a lot.

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