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      If you are interested in the history of Bossa Nova I highly recommend the book by Ruy Castro, “Bossa Nova: the Story of the Music that Seduced the World” . I just finished reading this.
      It is excellent in English translation
      Castro writes well (this seems to come across even in translation). He has also done books about Carmen Miranda and Garrincha (soccer hero of 1962).

      Renato I hope you agree but I would be interested if you disagree.

      Castro is a journalist, not a musician, as best I can determine. But many many fascinating stories about the people and how it evolved from the 1950’s into the 1960’s. He ends the story about 1967 and does discuss the MPB movement and Tropicalismo movement. Within this story it gives many details about Jobim and Gilberto. And I am fascinated with Nara Leao and her family. The story gives us non-Brazilians a glimpse of life under the military rule which started in 1964, with the artists that spoke out at great risk to themselves. Many of them self-exiled then came back to Brazil when things were better, as I understand it.

      I am finding that there is a new generation carrying on the bossa nova tradition. Joao Leao and Kay Lyra are two examples.

    • RenatoRenato
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      I completely agree with you. Ruy Castro is an amazing writer and he knows alot about Brazilian culture. Highly recommended.

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      Bom dia!! Qual é o título original do livro em português?? It looks super interesting and I need to practice my portuguese as well ;)

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