Learning Brazilian Guitar Forums Lessons Pronunciations.. I love that you do these!

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      I keep returning to your site when I want to learn Portuguese pronunciations along with the songs!

      I only have a couple of ‘suggestions’. One is that I can’t seem to get the audio buttons to work on iPad. (Maybe that could be added in some way that didn’t add a lot more work for you?). And also maybe in future you could add a transcription feature so it would be easier for those of us without a deep knowledge of theory to change keys of sheets easily.

      Thank You!

    • RenatoRenato
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      Hi Lauren, welcome back.

      Some members have said that the audio guides work on IOS when using FoxIt app. Have you tried it?
      I was looking for a way to automatically transcribe the songs to another key, but so far I had no luck. I’ve seen this kind of feature on some sites, but they only show simple songs with chord names above the lyrics (no chord charts) and it wouldn’t work in the lessons here because of the complexity of the songs I teach.
      Also, to get a good result when changing the key of a bossa nova song, we often have to change the chord types. Otherwise we will get some weird chord positions that would not sound good.
      But I’m open to suggestions if anyone has any.

      By the way, I have written a lesson on how to transpose a song. Take a look at it https://learningbrazilianguitar.com/2019/02/transposing-a-song-lesson-106-theory-lesson/


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