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    • jlaverejlavere
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      I’m looking forward to giving this website a try. For the last three years I’ve taken guitar lessons from several teachers.
      1. My first teacher was very focused on modern theory. I’m thankful for that, but I also wanted to learn more tunes and technique specific to my interests.
      2. My second teacher was a Flamenco teacher exclusively. His method was the old fashioned method of imitation with little explanation or theory. Nope.
      3. My current teacher is a jazz specialist, but he insists on electric guitar. My all time favorite guitarist is Baden Powell, so this is somewhat unsatisfying.

      Since I somehow always find myself asking “What would Baden Powell do?” when I approach the guitar, I felt it was time to invest some time on Brazilian music. His version of ‘Round Midnight proves the classical guitar can be a jazz headliner. The video of Canto de Ossanha on facebook sold me.

    • RenatoRenato
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      Hi John, thank you for becoming a member and welcome to the forum.

      Baden Powell is by far one of my favorite guitarists. His way of playing guitar was built from the mixture of classical guitar style, which he studied a lot when he was young, with Brazilian popular music like choro and samba. All of the lessons on the site are based on these two styles of music and I have been doing my best to write arrangements according to what we call the traditional Brazilian guitar style.

      I really hope you enjoy the lessons and the way I teach so you can improve your playing and also your understanding of the Brazilian guitar style that is so important to me.


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