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      As way of a quick introduction, I have quite a few years experience as a full-time and now, sadly, part-time musician and teacher. Most of this was as a plectrum style electric guitarist performing blues, jazz, Americana, and blues-rock. I became aware of Brazilian guitar styles when I was young and heard my parents’ bossa nova records of the day and then 20 years later when playing jazz gigs. Mostly songs by Jobim, Bonfa, and things from Sergio Mendes’ Brazil ’66. I always found the combination of the rhythm and harmonic motion to be both captivating, challenging and enjoyable, but something that I was not playing with any degree of authenticity.

      After a recent illness left me unable to rely on my ability to hold a pick/pletrum, I was forced to either quit or adopt a fingerstyle approach. After a couple of years of struggling, I’m finally able to play at about 60% but my right-hand technique is still pretty limited. After hearing Romero Lubambo and then being totally amazed by Diego Figueiredo, I realized that the consensus being pushed on me that “you have to sacrifice speed and tone quality to play fingerstyle” and also that “you can’t play authentic Brazilian guitar as a solo instrument” was completely untrue. I’m anxious to dive in and develop my right hand, get my rhythm together while learning new voicings, improve my accompaniment style, and develop some solo pieces.

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      Hello Nadadas,
      thank you for becoming a member.
      You know that we may hear people saying a lot of nonsense during our careers as musicians. I don’t think they do it with bad intentions, but they just have a biased view of things. There are some benefits to playing guitar with a pick and others to playing with the fingers, but in my opinion, none of the ways would limit our ability to become highly skilled players.

      I really hope the lessons can be useful for you. My best advice is, take you time and enjoy each moment with your guitar. The guitar is made for making music and that’s what I think we have to focus on during our lifetime.

      Let me know if you need any help at any time.

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