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      Hello everyone,

      I signed up a few days ago, I’ve been taking a quick look at all the videos and courses and liked them already. exactly what i was looking for.

      Ive been playing guitar since 2002, ive done shows, video clips and taught guitar lessons before, but i always think you never stop learning the guitar. A few years back, i was on Youtube and searched “Jazz Guitar”. The first video that came up was Andy Brown’s Concert from Chicago. In that concert he plays a lot of Brazilian tunes (Bahia com H, Berimbau, No babuleiro da Baiana) and that’s when i got interested in Bossa Nova, MPB, Samba and Chorinho.

      Hopefully i can learn most of the songs that i know in the program.

      Stay Safe y’all,


    • RenatoRenato
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      Hi Lucho,
      thanks for becoming a member and welcome to the forum. I hope the lessons can be useful for you.

      Stay safe you too.

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