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    • AvatarThomas Gore
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      Highly recommend this song. Very simple melody and interesting chords.
      If I heard correctly Joao slightly anticipates the downbeat all the time, not even a full 16th note, but just enough to make it bounce. I believe he plays in B minor. There are other examples on YouTube in C minor and D minor. Link to Joao playing is next.

      Composer of the music Carlos Coqueijo. This fine man has one of the most admirable resumes that I have ever seen! A true Renaissance man.
      Here is an article about his life. It can be copied and pasted into Google translate.

    • RenatoRenato
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      Great song indeed! It deserves a lesson.

    • Avatartlivings25
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      This is one of my favorite songs – it would be wonderful to have lesson for this.

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