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      My warmest hello from … Greece (here at last!).

      Renato, your “labor of love” about Brazilian guitar is a “small palace” that needs urgently to be discovered by so many more guitarists , you have created an excellent guitar music corner with devotion , great talent and exceptional analytical and arranging skills !

      My passion for solo fingerstyle arrangements brought me here as you are the 1st one to ever … dare to arrange 2 of my all time favorite Brazilian tunes (“Waters of March” & “Clube da esquina 2”) that I could not find anywhere else and considering the result you were highly successful !

      My name is Chris , I studied classical guitar for about 10 years and in nowadays I still struggle to retain my technique up to an advanced level, as my main profession is electrical engineering and guitar remains my most favorable hobby (giving me the chance to explore other possible guitar music genres including jazz, acoustic guitar or pop/rock).

      I started about 2 decades ago to create my own solo arrangements, as it was rather difficult to find interesting , advanced pieces from favorite artists (additionally to classical music), so until now I have made and uploaded (in various sites) more than 50 ones (from Ennio Morricone to Philip Glass or Burt Bacharah , from Pat Metheny or Vince Guaraldi to Ravel or Prokofiev and from Kate Bush , Joni Mitchell or Julie London to Marvin Gaye , Nick Drake , Beach Boys or even King Crimson & Frank Zappa , obviously selecting tunes that no arrangements were existing!)

      I have to admit that it’s not at all an easy task , in most cases i started with the highest ambition to include all voices , in the same key , without “stupid” simplifications and in the end it was so absolutely necessary to make many compromises in order to have a … playable arrangement that fits to the instrument !

      From your other solo tunes (that I have not downloaded / studied yet) I usually prefer arrangements for : “The girl from Ipanema” by Ken-Ichi Ebe or John Duarte (although it’s quite easy), “O Pato” by Charlie Byrd , “Manha de carnaval” by Jean-Marie Raymond, “Corcovado” by Carlos Barbosa Lima and “Luiza” by the great Paulo Bellinati.

      There’s also another top arrangement for a Jobim tune , “A felicidade” made by another great guitarist (Roland Dyens) but it’s so damn difficult (like another top favorite “Nuages”) !

      Keep up this great work, hoping to see many more solo arrangements by you, also in relevant genres for artists like Pat Metheny (he had indeed Brazilian influences), Ralph Towner (his “Silence of a Candle” needs urgently a better arrangement !) or Egberto Gismonti (I will make a specific request in the relevant thread !).
      I should also propose more from the great albums “Clube da Esquina 1 & 2”

      All the best to you and the other lucky members !

      E.G. If it is possible please keep the forum accessible to anyone so that we may get updated news for you and your new arrangements.

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      Hi Chris,
      I do not even know what to say. Thank you very much for your kind words! And I really hope you enjoy the other arrangements and lessons.

      As this site aims to teach people with different levels of guitar skills, I usually try to write arrangements that have a balance between playability and integrity of the original composition. And, as you wrote above, this is not an easy task.

      It is amazing to know that you have written so many guitar arrangements for different types of music. Feel free to post links to videos that you may have recorded, I would love to hear them.

      The forum used to be open to everyone, but due to spam and inappropriate topics, I decided to allow only members to participate. Maybe it’s time to find a way to create a free subscription just for the forum. I will think about it.


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      Renato ,
      I already enjoy your arrangements, they are truly exceptional and I’m glad that I finally got a membership !
      This is the reason that I insist on requesting by you many more arrangements from relevant music genres (jazz , acoustic or even pop!) for enriching a rather huge in quantity but certainly poor in quality solo fingerstyle guitar area, you have a great talent that has indeed to be developed !

      About keeping the forum always accessible , I’ve seen it in various blogs that keep only specific sections under a password (via a membership) .

      My own arrangements were made using “Power Tab File” free music editor (with ptb file types) , I always plan (but never had the time or patience) to upgrade them via a professional music editor in pdf! If you are interested I may share some links.
      The funny thing is that such arrangements (as music scores) are not considered «legal» for copyright reasons, while on the contrary you may upload (e.g in YouTube) whatever you want to play via a video !

      About guitar videos, to be honest I do not watch such tutorial videos very often as long as I have the music score, so I never thought of making my own ones !
      It’s only my personal opinion but in some cases , even exceptionally great pop or jazz fingerstyle solo arrangements (like in the case of an Italian guitarist that has made great job for Pink Floyd or Pat Metheny) are played with a very poor quality so I ‘m not fond of this particular section !

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